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One Day Retreats offered 2012

All past participants are invited to attend any of the one day retreats that are offered throughout the year as part of the MBSR or MBCT programmes. This is an opportunity for people who have done the course, and the teachers of the course, to come together to spend a day practicing meditation.

Over the course of the day, we will spend most of the time in silence, and some time sharing our experience. You will be led through various meditations including sitting, walking, and stretching. There will also be time spent in the beautiful surrounds ... light, birds and trees.

This day of meditation training provides time and space for focused practice which can refresh mindfulness skills and strengthen ongoing practice at home.

Fee $75 incl GST
Bring your meditation stool/cushion, yoga mat, warm socks.
Lunch is provided unless notified otherwise
Time 9.30 – 4pm
Location Confirmed on making a reservation.
To register please write to

Dates 2012

Sunday 17 March
Sunday 14th April
Saturday 23rd November